The following are the available opportunities to invest. More information is available in case you are interested. 

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Mining and exploration company 

Location: Austria
Capital required: 400,000 - 500,000 Euros
Use of funds: purchase of machinery and exploration
Additional options: Immigration for non-EU citizens.
Case Nr.: AST2101


Football players analyzing App

Description: This application is used by sports clubs as a consultant to analyze football players around the world.
Location: Austria
Capital required: 50,000 - 100,000 Euros
Use of funds: marketing and development
File number: AST2102

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Past Investments


Cooking Solution Provider

Case Nr.: AFR204
Activity description: wood pellets & Cooking Solution for African countries
Location: African Countries
Investment: 300,000 Euro
Top Sponsors: The World Bank, UNHCR, IKEA Foundation

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Business Consulting Company

Case Nr.: AST1802
Service description: Business Consulting in the Healthcare industry. 
Location: Germany
Investment: min. 50,000 Euro
Use of funds: Marketing & It


CIT electricity generation 

Case Nr.: AST1812
Activity description: Centrifugal Impact Transmission Electricity Generation
Location: Spain, Austria
Investment: min. 500,000 Euro
Assets: Prototype, Patent
Use of funds: Production

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Bio food production company

Case Nr.: AST1901

Product description:  Bio packed foods

Location: Austria

Certificates: Bio & Vegan Certificates

Investment: 350,000 - 500,000 Euro


Demolition Factory to sell

Case Nr.: AST1804
Activity description: Demolition, Industrial destruction & recycling services
Location: Austria
Price: 500,000 Euro