Social Media Content Creation & Management

We made it easy for you

You don't need a large team to take care of your social media accounts. We plan, prepare content, design all posts, manage, and improve your social media accounts. We in Astroper Marketing take care of everything.

Save Time

Your social media performance depend on an everyday activity and content creation, posting stories, going live, and interacting with your target audience. You need to spend every day so much time providing enough content. In Astroper we save your time by planning, designing, posting, and managing your social media accounts. 

Save Money

To create content you need to have a big team of copywriters, photographers, content managers, storytellers, website designers, and IT and e-commerce specialists.

What if we take care of everything and you just invest half the salary of one team member? It means a 90% cost reduction.

We Design

You Enjoy

A professional team of designers focuses on your design and the visual impact of your business. We enjoy our work and we wish you also enjoy the artworks. A good graphic should be eye-catching and have a positive impact on the target audience to take action. 

Social media publications can be delivered in 4 different formats. We can Copywrite, use premium stock photos & videos, or create a motion design. Our designers also would be more than happy to retouch your photos or edit your video before publishing.

Customer Portal

Our newly made customer portal helps you contact us at any time & anywhere. The Astroper design team uploads the plan, artworks, and your other requests in the portal. you can revise and submit your comment. whenever you are 100% satisfied with the designs, our team are allowed to publish them on your behalf.

"Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them "

Linda Padilla 




Informative content can increase audience engagement with your page and improve your ranking. Astroper creates daily contents in 1-5 slides. 

Spinemed is a medical center in district 08 of Vienna. 

Their therapy is suitable for patients with a wide variety of causes and forms of back pain.

It's important to engage customers with your page on special days like Xmas or easter. Our design team creates content for special days and events.


Medicare Instagram Story 

Mitrabeauty Instagram Story 

Astroper Instagram Story 

That's how we do it

When you join the Astroper family, you will have your specific customer portal.

Here is what would happen after: 

  1. You will receive a timetable for your contents

  2. Our team starts to design

  3. We publish the contents after you approved them.

  4. At the end of the month, you will receive a report regarding the package you choose

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What Our Customers Say

Positive Reviews
Diane Murraya

Thanks for the perfect desig and managment. My Instagram engagement is increased 170% in last 30 days.

Astroper Marketing

Thanks for your trust. We are happy you liked it.

Steffen Wirtz

Super website for people like us who have start-ups. I will recommend Astroper Marketing to others for sure

Astroper Marketing

Thanks Steffen. Supporting Start ups is our first priority. 

Pru. Zag.

Keep up the excellent work. It really saves me time and effort. Astroper Marketing is exactly what our business has been lacking

Astroper Marketing

We happy we could save your time and money.

Negative Reviews
Lilian Schmutt.

I liked the design but communicating was very difficult.

Astroper Marketing

Thanks for your comment. We understood this problem that our clients are not happy with the way of communication. So We develop a customer portal. You can easily submit your comments about the designs, contact us for your general needs or upload your photos or videos.

Brita Loghmani

It's almost 3 days that you start posting on my Instagram page. But I don't see any results.

Astroper Marketing

Thanks for contacting us. The most important factors to develop your social media account is time and consistency. Please be patient. It normally takes at least 3 months to have a better engagement. We take care of your account every day.

Martina Peters

I have received my designs but I don't like them. what should I do?

Astroper Marketing

No worries. Please submit your comment in customer portal and our design team will take care of it. You can have the revision as many time as you like. our goal is to have your 100% satisfaction and we won't publish any design without our approval.


Your Data

Protecting your personal, business, and accounts data, usernames, and passwords is the first priority in Astroper Marketing. We have enough Hardware and software requirements to keep your information in our vault. None of the team members has access to your information except approved personnel. As we obey the GDPR rules in Europe, we are not allowed to sell, rent, or share your information with any third parties.

Social Media Content Creation & Management

Astroper Marketing offers cost-effective social media management and content providing service to optimize your business growth and development. You don't have to pay designers for every design every time. Just click here and enjoy our fantastic and helpful social media management system.

Motion Design
Play Me

Motion makes Emotion

Motion design is an easy and quick way to showcase your business skills or explain the function of anything. You can present your company's workflow of how you want users to download your app. How can they buy from your online shop? or even raise children with it. Order your first motion design now.

Your online shop

Increases the Sale

Astroper Marketing designs your website and online shop with an emphasis on internet marketing. After reviewing your website design concerns, we'll introduce you to the web world with solutions that deliver results.

What's next?

The main aim of social media marketing is to increase engagement and lead generation. but you can boost your result by promoting your business on Google search platform, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. As you have to invest money to do that, it's important to have a plan and let experts set up your campaign. You can generate more leads, target a specific audience, and find more lookalike audiences.

Social Media Content Creation & Management

Astroper Marketing offers cost-effective social media management and content providing service to optimize your business growth and development. You don't have to pay designers for every design every time. Just click here and enjoy our fantastic and helpful social media management system.

Here is the answer to your questions:

Why should I pay when I can do everything myself?

To get a good result, you need to put together a skilled team of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, content managers, storytellers, website designers, and IT and e-commerce specialists. This is certainly not an advantage in order to keep all of these employees in your company. Here at Astroper we offer all of these services with the help of specialists. So it is very cost effective to invest little money per month instead of paying a routine salary.

Can I prove the content before uploading?

Yes. Your proof is very important. We do not publish any content online unless you have given us prior permission. We just ask you to first review and prove the design and content. The entire service is provided by our competent team and is a unique work of art.

Is there a guarantee to increase my sales?

The increase in your sales depends on your product and other factors such as customer service, sales structure, network and pricing system. Advertising, especially on social media, is certain to increase your awareness among your customers, but does not guarantee sales. If you want to increase your sales, we recommend that you use our business coaching service (English).

What is the final delivered content like?

The end result of the design will depend on your requirements, the type of business, and the advertising platform you choose. All social media posts include a caption and a relevant hashtag to improve the impression. All designs come in high quality graphics and designs.

How do you protect my data?

We fully respect the GDPR and try our best to keep our customers' information private and secure. In this regard, we have both hardware and software requirements for maximum information security. The information and wishes of our customers are not available to all team members. We never buy, sell, or rent information of our clients.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you do not want to use our services, you can cancel your subscription.
For monthly subscriptions, you can cancel within one weeks prior notice.
For 6 month and yearly subscriptions, please inform us one month in advance.

Which languages do you support?

At the moment we are just able to support your content wishes in ENGLISH & GERMAN.

Astroper Marketing offers a unique package for each customer based on their individual needs and budget. Individuals such as lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, models, bloggers, etc. can benefit greatly from this service. You can easily get a professional advertising package that includes regular, timely, and effective social media posts, an extensive database, professional photography, additional search functions such as hashtags, biographies.

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