Business Development

Business services to the consumer

Business Services, by identifying the needs and tastes of the customer, tries to provide the goods and services produced in accordance with the needs and in order to obtain customer satisfaction.
Procurement of materials, production agents, and other related services for the circulation of production and service activities
Efforts to guide the goods provided and deliver them to consumers. Trust Astroper to do your international trade.

Business Partners at Work
A Port Worker

Export your products to the new markets:

Astroper as a business platform has made it possible for all people in various fields to have access to Export and import methods in the country. We are with you all the way and offer you the best options. Before starting, we provide all the requirements. So we will connect you easily to the International market and will always be with you. What we can do:

- Finding new business partners to export your goods to new markets.
- Custom clearance affairs
- Insurance and inspection affairs.
- Handling freight and transportation procedures.
- Consulting in B2B sales and representation contracts.
- Foreign banking, finance, and tax affairs.

Find new representatives worldwide: 

What is better than a local representative who can introduce your services and abilities in the local language? 

Finding an eligible partner is very time and energy-consuming when you are unfamiliar with the regulations. Here is Astroper can help you:

- Collecting accurate data from the foreign market

- Locating the potential partners

- Preparing all legal requirements and legislation

- Consulting in legal frameworks to protect your business

- continuous supervising and routing reporting

- Updating you with new possibilities

- Performing marketing and advertising campaigns 

Business meeting