What is Marketing?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

When producers and capitalists identify and evaluate people's needs and wishes and then offer their customers different goods and services according to their market potential and goals, marketing has actually taken place.

Successful companies and institutions in most parts of the world today have recognized the importance and need of building a relationship with customers and are trying to fully introduce customers to the value and features of their products and become aware of their needs.

Marketing advantages:

  • It is known through the needs and wants of the customer.

  • Marketing is a bridge between customers and manufacturers of products and gradually brings the goals of both closer together.

  • Target groups and customers who want to use certain services and goods are known.

  • Customer service.

Marketing components

The main components of marketing are divided into the following areas:

  • Product development

  • Market research

  • advertising

  • Branding

  • media

  • public relation

  • communication

  • sale

  • Customer service

  • Market analysis

The main conditions of marketing

  • In marketing there is a seller and a buyer

  • Special goods and services should be offered by the seller

  • In return for receiving goods and services, the buyer must pay for them.


Professionals and those who intend to use the method of marketing to showcase their products and services must have complete information on all marketing components and be able to use all items and plans.

In order to start their work they should research and analyze the economic conditions of society in order to develop their products and take effective action in relation to them.

Marketing can turn a small brand into a successful and famous brand.



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