Offer: The company coats all common materials and is also able to process larger parts. The pre-treatment is carried out using various methods, mainly in-house.

Asking price: € 1.175 million

Products: The pre-treatment is mainly carried out by chrome-free and therefore environmentally friendly passivation.

Prospect profile:

By purchasing the company, a strategic investor could expand its regional sphere of activity or add powder coating to its vertical range of manufacture.

For an MBI there is the possibility of taking over a company that offers further development opportunities.

A venture capital company can diversify with this company or acquire a good add-on.

Customers: The customers are active in different industries. This includes sheet metal processing, metal construction in various areas, hot-dip galvanizing, etc.

Property: The real estate required for operations is owned by the shareholder family and is rented to the company.