Offer: The company has developed into one of the most important service providers for all questions relating to building technology around the company location and has steadily and sustainably increased its presence in recent years.

Short description: The company covers all service and construction areas of building management with the following focal points:

  • Installation of building services (ventilation, cooling, heating, plumbing)

  • Advice and planning (building services planning, consulting service)

  • Maintenance & Service (fire protection, drinking water hygiene, ventilation maintenance)

The maintenance & service area accounts for 20-25% of sales and is an important and stable pillar of the company.

Asking price: €850 T

Prospect profile:

A lot of value is placed on the skills and ideas of the potential buyer. The shareholders want the company to be continued in an orderly and future-oriented manner. For this reason

not only the technical skills of an investor are relevant, but also the human aspects. In particular, the new owner must have modern leadership skills and empathy skills. In addition to well-positioned competitor companies, companies that want to expand their range of offers and services on a sound basis are also considered. There is also the possibility for a well-trained engineer to venture into self-employment. A skilled and experienced businessman with many years of experience in building management will certainly find an excellent field of activity.


Overall, the company offers all the services of a future-oriented and competent company in the field of building technology. In particular, these are:

  • ventilation technology

  • refrigeration

  • heating technology

  • Sanitary Engineering

  • Fire protection

  • drinking water hygiene

  • building services planning

  • ventilation maintenance