Offer: Innovative developer and producer of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements. Premium supplier of own innovative products with over twenty years of experience in the industry.

Sales size: Around EUR 3 million

Short description: 100% of a partnership in the food industry is available for succession or sale.

Asking price: EUR 1.2 Mil.

Products: All products are our own developments with the best ingredients and serve the premium area for sports nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Property: The company does not need its own business premises. Production and warehousing are outsourced within Germany, and the company's extremely lean structure allows it to operate without its own office space.

Prospect profile:

The company is suitable for a market participant from the acquisition sector who would like to expand his own range to include the premium segment and, in doing so, would like to fall back on the innovative product ideas of the current owner in the longer term. But this company can also represent a very exciting opportunity for a dynamic MBI that is initially looking for a second source of income in order to expand if necessary in a second step.