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ASTROPER is a unique place to introduce investment opportunities in private companies located in Austria, Germany & Switzerland.

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How much of the investors' money will be transferred to the investees?

Astroper is a meeting point for investors and investees and does NOT act as a hedge fund, angel investor, or online trade platform. 

After the initial agreement, our lawyers take care of the rest of the procedure personally and at formal authorities. So 100% of the investors' money will transfer officially to the requested company. 

All business opportunities are going through a due diligence system, including legal company registration approval, personal interviews with both investee and investors, and financial, marketing and development assessments. 

In addition, Astroper has its own experts to study each company in detail with predefined metrics. So, you can find our expert rating as well for each company. 


How trustable are the opportunities?

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How much does it cost to use the platform?

It is totally free to use the platform for both investors and investees. We recommend investors' registration to be informed about the new business opportunities. Investees are welcomed to exhibit their company, products, services, and abilities to find an interested investor to join their team.

7 Steps Workflow:

Investee Registration

1. Investees & Investors registration


2.  Companies assessment


3.  Investees interview


5. Parties meeting


6. Finalizing the agreement


7. Notary procedures


4. Presentation for investors


Funds transfer

"The biggest risk of all is not taking one"

Mellody Hobson

Looking a head

We practice our values: commitment, confidence, honesty, transparency, reliability, openness, diversity, creativity, fun, enjoyment, and purposeful actions. We explore regional specialties for trade and support producers in exporting exclusive specialties to all of the world's relevant markets. We develop innovative concepts and look for differentiation to help all traders increase their success in the future.

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