Commercial photography:

As the name suggests, commercial photography means taking photos for promotional purposes. Promotional photos are used in many places, e.g. B. in advertising brochures, city banners, menus, and similar areas. Commercial photography is used to introduce and sell a product. There are many ways to get the most out of photos captured in a variety of displays. Commercial photography is a broad field of activity in which traditional and modern photographers can work. The single-face photo studio prides itself on its experienced staff and professional equipment.

Photo & Videography

Product photography is a branch of photography whose job it is to accurately and completely represent the product with real quality. Emphasize the quality and details of the product, showing all the appearance characteristics of the product. Simply put, the job of a product photographer is to take a complete picture of the product and present it to the customer for presentation. In this industry, there is only one goal: The detailed and clear presentation of goods from different and beautiful angles.

Dear manufacturers and producers, leave the photography of your products to us so that we can contribute to their globalization. The single-face photo and video studio in Vienna managed by Astroper, with professional photographers and cameras, can take the best photos of the products in your factories and display them realistically and in the best light.

Are you interested to have your own professional photos?

Astroper is a team of experts dedicated to helping you brew outstanding business opportunities in your company. We carefully source the best options in the world and preparing all requirements before you start your journey. So, we simply connect your capabilities and investments to International markets.

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