Business Consulting

Working with many companies in different industries for more than twenty years provides a collection of professional experiences that are helpful for entrepreneurs and employers. 

Astroper is proud to offer its services at a professional level:


- Business Consulting for international Markets

- Evaluating local Partner to meet your business requirements

- Feasibility studies  

- Business planning and Branding advisory

- Accompany you in the buying and selling of shares and investments in financial markets. 

- Export check for a first evaluation of the producer 

- Development of a marketing strategy comprising a set of measures

- Annual development evaluation

Business opportunities

Astroper provides business opportunities for international investors meanwhile is a platform for Many companies to Fundraise and develop their businesses. Forbes Magazine named Vienna the best place to start a business. And there is a good reason for this, especially if one takes a closer look at the startup scene.

Invest in Bio food production company

Case Nr.: AST1901

Product description:  Bio packed foods

Location: Austria

Certificates: Bio & Vegan Certificates

Investment: 350,000 - 500,000 Euro

Use of funds: Marketing & Development

Risk of failure: 5%

Additional Options: immigration possibilities for non-EU citizens. 

Invest in Business Consulting Company

Case Nr.: AST1802
Service description: Business Consulting in the Healthcare industry. 
Location: Germany
Investment: min. 50,000 Euro
Use of funds: Marketing & It
Risk of failure: 5%

Demolition Factory to sell

Case Nr.: AST1804
Activity description: Demolition, Industrial destruction & recycling services
Location: Austria
Price: 500,000 Euro
Assets: 20 skilled employees & machinery in different kinds.
Additional Options: immigration possibilities for non-EU citizens. 

Invest in Cooking Solution Provider

Case Nr.: AFR204
Activity description: wood pellets & Cooking Solution for African countries
Location: African Countries
Investment: 300,000 Euro
Top Sponsors: The World Bank, UNHCR, IKEA Foundation

Invest in CIT electricity generation invention

Case Nr.: AST1812
Activity description: Centrifugal Impact Transmission Electricity Generation
Location: Spain, Austria
Investment: min. 500,000 Euro
Assets: Prototype, signed orders
Use of funds: International Patents
Risk of failure: 3%

Astroper is a team of experts dedicated to helping you brew outstanding business opportunities in your company. We carefully source the best options in the world and preparing all requirements before you start your journey. So, we simply connect your capabilities and investments to International markets.

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